It Feels Like Home

Sorry about the lack of posts over the last few days. Our move from RV to RV has made things a bit hectic and I’m still trying to get everything sorted out, organized and put away. On top of that, we leave in a mere six days for our week-long cruise, so while I’m trying to find a place for everything and put everything in its place, I’m also trying to get everything together and ready for our much needed vacation.

The RV to RV move went well. We arrived at the dealership, did our walk-thru and a couple guys from the dealership helped us move everything over. We signed some more paperwork and then hubby headed to the RV park with the delivery driver. My job was paying for the additions to the RV and grabbing lunch for hubby and me.

When I arrived to the RV park, hubby, the delivery driver and our neighbor were standing on our site talking. Hogwarts (our new Oakmont) was sitting on the driveway. Apparently, they were waiting for me to tell them exactly where I wanted it positioned on our site.

After some discussion, the driver backed Hogwarts into our space and before we knew it, the leveling jacks were being lowered, hubby got the power going, the water connected and the black/gray tank hose set up. Then the fun began! It was time to start putting things away and very quickly I knew that we were going to need to pick up some things to get everything organized.

*Additional shelving would be needed in the cabinets to better utilize the space so I could all our canned and boxed foods away.

*Shelving would need to be added under the kitchen sink for putting away pots, pans and small kitchen appliances.

*The girl’s bunkroom was in desperate need of a small bookcase for their homeschool materials.

*Food for the dogs, which was once housed under the dinette seats in Georgette, needed a container.

*The coat closet, which is pretty much useless as a coat closet, needed shelving for the more useful purpose of storing things like cleaning products, tissues, and toilet paper.

*Cabinets above the sofa would need some containers for housing everything from paper plates to batteries.

I began making lists and taking measurements so we could start the organization process.

So far we’ve made one trip to IKEA and the girls now have a bookcase in their room, but the trip wasn’t nearly as successful as I had hoped. I have a feeling there will be a lot more trips to IKEA, Lowe’s, Home Depot and the Container Store in my future as I try desperately to get everything organized.

Once things are organized and put away, I will be taking pictures and sharing them here for all to see.

Overall though, we’re loving Hogwarts. Not only is the extra space nice, but it just feels like home.


  1. ooh dieing to see pictures of Hogwarts. Hope your packing and unpacking routine lets up for a while … or not, just remembered your cruise 🙂 Laura

  2. you need to do before and after pics! That way all those who are new to RV life can see all the changes you have made and might want to do the same or will have some advice for you. I have seen a lot of blogs that focus on making their RV into a home. Good Luck in all your endeavors and I look forward to seeing pics of your new home!

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