Spectacular Vacation

We’ve certainly had our fair share of vacations that left us ready to get back home. Not that those vacations were bad at all, but trips can be tiring and leave you longing for home.

A spectacular vacation, on-the-other-hand, is one where you find yourself hanging onto the bathroom door yelling, “They can’t make me leave”.  And that folks, is what I was doing the Sunday morning we had to leave the ship. We had a spectacular cruise vacation and after 7 nights on the ship, I really wasn’t ready to go home. For a matter-of-fact, none of us were ready to go.
We did so many wonderful things.
– We kissed, hugged, petted and fed a dolphin.
– We snorkeled in St. Thomas then spent some time on the beach. For a matter-of-fact, it was Lili’s first time snorkeling and once she got the hang of it she was hooked!!!
– Hubby and I spent several hours in St. Maarten, just the two of us. We bought new wedding rings, had lunch, drank BBC’s, shopped and enjoyed some childless time together.
– While getting ready to soak in some Caribbean sun, I saw a whale emerge from the ocean.  Thank you to the cruise passenger who saw it first, otherwise I would have missed it.
– We saw a spectacular water show.
– We had breakfast with Alex the Lion, Gloria and King Julian from Madagascar.
– The girls got to spend time away from us enjoying kid activities and making friends.
– We watched a parade, then hubby and I saw a second parade (the girls wanted to hang out at Adventure Ocean with their friends).
– We had some fantastic food and drinks.
– We had much laughter and a lot of smiles.

– We danced to the music, in many different places on the ship, including Johnny Rockets, where we joined staff for a few dance moves.
– The ship had a Starbucks! Score!!!
– We shopped on the ship. Okay, I did most of the shopping.

My list could go on and on and on, but in a nutshell, we had a fun and relaxing week that left us longing for more. And there will be more because we booked our next cruise and we’ll be leaving Galveston on February 5, 2017 on Liberty of the Seas. Next time we’ll visit Honduras, Belize and Cozumel.   For now though, we’ll enjoy our memories and the photos we took on our cruise to the Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.

Unfortunately, the problems loading photos has continued.  I decided it was best to post the few pictures I was able to add and once I have the problem resolved, I’ll write a separate post with more photos.  A LOT more photos!

On the ship and ready to cruise.



Look at the form!  Apparently she needs a little practice since she was holding the club upside down 🙂


Oh, the concentration!





Happy cruiser!


Nassau, Bahamas waiting to go on our excursion.


Mommy and her girls in Nassau.







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