Our Cruise

Since returning from our cruise, I’ve been working on a blog post.  I really didn’t want to post anything without photos, because who wants to read about a cruise and not see photos.  However, I’ve been having some big problems uploading photos to my post.  I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that my Surface screen was damaged during our move to the new RV or if it’s just the crappy internet connection we have here in the RV park.  Regardless of the reason, I’m not able to upload pictures.

Recently, we got a library card from one of the local libraries here.  This same library offers a kid’s coding class that Lili tried out for the first time last week.  She loved it and will be going each week.  I’m going to try connecting at the library to see if I have any better luck uploading photos.

My apologies to anyone who has been checking in hoping to see some Caribbean photos and news of our vacation.  I am working on it and will hopefully get it posted soon.

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  1. HI Deb, been wondering about you all. Good to see you back, hoping you weren’t on the ill fated ship that sailed into a hurricane …. or were you? Hoping you get your photo issues sorted out soon. Laura

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