The Saga Continues

Closing has now been pushed out to Tuesday because the lender still doesn’t have the appraisal. 

The fact that the lender doesn’t have the appraisal is not shocking in the least.  We are working with the VA and they are not known for expediting things.  However, the frustrating part in this is that waiting until Tuesday means we have lost the entire three-day weekend.  A weekend we could use for moving things to our new home.  The weekend, when friends and family are off work and more able to assist us with getting things moved. 

I expressed my frustration to our realtor and she suggested we sign a temporary residential lease that would allow us to move in prior to closing.  It would cost us a little bit of money in rent, but would at least allow us to spend the weekend getting some things into the house.  It would also give us a more solid date and we could begin doing things like having the utilities switched over to our name, get address change notices out and make arrangements to move out of the RV Park now instead of continuing to put it off while we wait to find out if and when we’ll close.

So, we signed the document and now we wait to see if the current homeowners will agree. 

The saga continues!


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