Less Cookies for More Happiness

When I first read this quote, I knew I had to include it in a post one day. So I held on to it until I was ready to use it.

Today, as I got ready to write a blog post, I read this quote again and realized how others might interrupt these words.

“Do whatever it takes to make you happy . . . . ”

There are so many things that we do to make ourselves happy.  But not all of those things create lasting happiness.  For a matter-of-fact, some things we do to make us feel happy can actually cause us unhappiness later on.

For example, I might decide to bake a batch of cookies.  The smell of those cookies baking makes me happy.  The taste of those cookies makes me happy.  But the bloated feeling from eating too many of those cookies and the extra pounds put on my body from eating those cookies, don’t make me happy.  It’s a fleeting moment of happiness.

Of course that’s just an example.  I may or may not have baked cookies, eaten too many cookies and put on some extra pounds from these cookies 😉

But now I’m getting off track, so let me get back to the point of this blog post.

When I originally read this quote, I thought of all the things I could be doing to help move me closer to my goals.  I thought of all the times I have allowed uncertainties and fear prevent me from taking bold steps forward.  I thought of all the times I focused on the obstacles and took my eyes off the bridges that could assist me in getting across those obstacles.  And then I may have baked cookies, eaten cookies, etc., etc.

What I need to do, is focus on the fact that happiness is a journey.   I need to open my eyes wider and look for the opportunities that exist, then take advantage of those opportunities.  Life is full of uncertainties, so I need to live each moment of my life to the fullest.  I need to do whatever it takes to stay on the happiness journey.

That is what this quote means to me and I need to post this in my kitchen so I’m less tempted by the cookies 🙂


  1. Cookies are my diet downfall. I love cookies. I like to bake them, and if they are anything but cold chocolate chip cookies, I love to eat them. And I never eat just 2. My son made ginger snaps, from my friend’s recipe, and they are calling to me. Loudly. BUT, I have gotten disgusted with the scale again, and am “tracking” with Live Strong on my IPAD. My daughter uses this on the net, it is just easier to do on an IPAD or IPHONE. My DIL used Lose It, on her IPHONE and dieted for a year or more and lost over 50 lbs. It is hard, but I can lose weight this way. Keeping it off is the killer. I think I will have to diet for the rest of my life. 😦 I tracked for 6 mo last year and lost 25 lbs, putting me where I really want to be, and I felt good and had more energy, could run better, hike easier, lean over and tie my shoes easier. I like being that weight, but I slowly drifted up 15 lbs after I stopped tracking. Now I am back tracking with 15 lbs to go. I come from a long line of compulsive overeaters. Most of my family is overweight, and diabetes runs in the family too, so I am trying to do my part to avoid that if I can.
    Good luck with your diet, I know it is hard……April in AK

    • I love cookies too, especially fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
      I too come from a family of compulsive over-eaters and my dad has Type 2 diabetes.
      There are so many things that I’m working on this year, but my #1 priority is to make positive strides in self-discipline. It has to start there and the rest will fall into place.

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