Kitchen Space

One of my biggest challenges while living in the RV was not having ample kitchen space.   Maybe I would have mastered it given more time, but preparing meals in a small space was not easy.  I avoided doing anything complicated simply out of frustration.

– Not enough cupboard space for storing the things I would use on a regular basis.

– Not enough counter space for creating complete meals.

Now that we’re back in sticks and bricks, the majority of our meals are being prepared in our kitchen, which has ample space.  For a matter-of-fact, I recently told hubby that I like this kitchen better than the kitchen in our Illinois house.  Although it has less cabinet space, it’s laid out nicely and all four of us can pretty comfortably be working in the kitchen at the same time.

The space is really nice for allowing the girls more time in the kitchen with me and not only are they helping prepare meals, but they are assisting in selecting the meals we prepare.  Being invested in the food we purchase, prepare and partake in has made them much more willing to explore new foods.  That is a good thing.

Because it’s hot in Texas right now, we’ve been utilizing the Instant Pot for our meal preparation.  The girls enjoy helping me find new recipes, including some of our favorite meals prepared in the Instant Pot.  Like the Chicken and Dumplings Naomi helped me make a few nights ago.

WP_20160705_18_00_46_Pro [288676]

WP_20160705_18_07_51_Pro [287695]

WP_20160705_19_13_48_Pro [287083]

We will need to tweak this recipe a bit next time, but so far we’re pleased with the results of our Instant Pot meals.

From time-to-time, I’ll post our adventures in the kitchen and hopefully share some tasty recipes along the way.

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