From Books To . . .

Thanks to everyone who gave me book suggestions.  I certainly have a good list going now.

Now that I have my book list started, let’s move from books to . . . TV.

Our house has two living areas – one downstairs and one upstairs.  When we moved into the house I demanded suggested that we not have a television downstairs.  I wanted it to be a place to relax and chat without the distraction of a television.

The main TV is in the upstairs living area and as a result, I now watch very little TV.  When I do watch TV, it’s on the television in our bedroom from the comfort of my nice warm bed.

I did discover Grace and Frankie, which I LOVE and am anxiously awaiting the next season.  However, I don’t really know what shows are on most people’s ‘must watch’ list these days.

Hubby likes “Walking Dead,” but it’s too intense for me.  We watched one episode of “This is Us,” which I plan to watch more of, but what else is out there?

What are you favorite TV shows?

Image result for Cartoon TV

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