On a Windy Day

The winds were crazy on Sunday!  Stead winds at about 25 mph with higher gusts.  The sun hid behind the clouds and the winds weren’t very warm, so our time was mostly spent indoors.  The girls invited their cousin over for a playdate and about mid-afternoon they decided to do some baking.

For Christmas, Lili and Naomi got an Easy Bake Oven from my parents.  It came with one package, of a not-so-tasty cookie mix that they prepared shortly after Christmas. I vowed we would not spend the ridiculous amount of money needed to purchase other packages of not-so-tasty mixes you can buy for the oven and we decided to whip up a small batch of Snickerdoodle dough for them to bake in their little oven.

They rolled the dough into little balls, dipped them in cinnamon sugar, put them on the miniature cookie sheet and into the oven they went.

A few minutes later . . . . out they came.


Six miniature cookies from their miniature oven.  They were yummy!!!!

They baked a few more batches before turning everything over to me.  Mine were regular size, baked in the grown-up oven and by bedtime, they were gone.

It was an enjoyable task for a windy day and with the help of Pinterest, I have a feeling that this Easy Bake Oven will be getting a lot of use as we try out other miniature delectables.


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