Darn Procrastination

I woke up shortly at 5:00 a.m. with a terrible headache.  Because I HATE taking medication, I tried everything I could to dull the pain.  About an hour later, my head was hurting worse and the nausea set it.  I had succumbed to the pain and needed it to GO AWAY!

Fortunately, I don’t often get headaches and certainly don’t get migraines often at all.  And like most moms, I don’t have time to be down with anything and especially not on this day.

We began the process of getting our foster care license 4-5 months ago and are finally approaching the end of the process.  So on this day, the day I wake up in severe pain, a woman from the Health Department is due to come out to inspect our home.

This is not a step we had to complete in Illinois.  Instead, it was the responsibility of our licensing worker (LW) to make sure that we were in compliance.  One visit in Illinois took the place of several steps required in the State of Texas.  Ultimately, each state needs some level of assurance that the home being licensed is safe for children.  The way they go about making that determination is different.  The other difference is that we have to pay the woman from the Health Department and then wait for reimbursement after we get licensed, but I digress.

Hubby and I spent the vast majority of the weekend tackling all those projects we kept putting off (like cleaning the garage) and we got a ton of things done.  Eventually, I decided to leave the last few things from my to-do list for the morning.

Thomas Jefferson said,

and as I sit in pain, that quote keeps bouncing around in my brain.

Darn procrastination!!!  Let’s just hope I remember this next time I want to put something off till tomorrow.

Now time to pull myself together and try to tackle those thing I put off yesterday for today.




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