Three Months Later

I’m writing a post.

I can’t believe that this much time has passed, but yet it has.

Our summer has been full of activity.

* Homeschooling

* Vacation to Florida

* A month-long trip to Illinois

* Visiting family

* Visiting friends

* Welcoming our new grandson into the world

* Getting to know our grandson’s mommy a little better

* Spending time with our son (our grandson’s daddy)

* Spending time with our bonus grandsons

* Spending some time with our oldest son (our grandson’s uncle)

* Finding out we’re adding Arryn’s baby brother to our family (at least for awhile)

* Adding a new puppy to the family

Like I said, our summer has been full of activity.

Maybe I should spend some time writing posts about each of these topics.  After all, there is a lot to share and I’ve been slacking.

Stay tuned.  It may just happen.



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