Fun or Stressful?

I absolutely love looking at houses.

I love seeing the layout of the different homes.

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I love seeing how others have decorated.

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I love looking at flooring choices,

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tile choices,

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paint choices.

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I love envisioning how our family would fit into the space.

For me, those are the fun parts of searching for a home.

Selling a home and buying a home at the same time is stressful though.

Waiting on our pre-approval – stressful.

Wondering if we’ll sell our home and find a home simultaneously – stressful.

Deciding if we are willing to re-do things we don’t like about a house – stressful.

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Worrying that we won’t get all of this done before our pre-approval time runs out – stressful.

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It doesn’t help that two days into the painting we discovered they started upstairs when I specifically asked them to start downstairs so the flooring demo and replacement could start downstairs while they were finishing upstairs.

It doesn’t help that the flooring company neglected to get our job put on the installer’s schedule earlier and the flooring won’t even be started until after we’ve moved out of our rental house and back home.

I doesn’t help that we have a cabinet repair that will need to be done, but it now won’t be completed until after the flooring is installed.

It doesn’t help that these delays mean getting our house on he market is delayed by a week.

Some would say, enjoy the adventure. Truth is, I’m probably the one that would say that exact thing to someone else.

Some would say, it will all work out. Again, that would be something I would say to someone else.

Now I’m on this side of the searching, preparing, wondering and worrying. Maybe I should simply be saying enjoy the adventure because it will all work out. Instead, I’m having fun looking at homes while stressing about selling our house and buying another house in the next few weeks.

I do know this will all work out. Maybe not exactly as I had envisioned, but if life was all smooth sailing, the ride wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.

So, I’ll do my best to sit back and enjoy the adventure and try to keep in mind that it really will work out in the end.

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