Make Sure You Use an Awesome Realtor

Thursday: We close on the two houses in 4 days!!

Later Thursday: No, we won’t be closing in 4 days. We’re just not sure when we will be closing 😦

Even Later Thursday: We will close next Thursday.

Still Thursday: But what about the movers coming to move us on Tuesday? What about the utilities that will be in our name on Monday? What about the mail that will start being forwarded starting Tuesday?

Still Thursday: You can still move on Tuesday, but you’ll need to pay the Seller’s a little in rent.

And still Thursday: That super low interest rate you locked in . . . . you’ll still get that same rate but it’s going to cost more money.

Yes, this is what selling and buying a house can sometimes be like and this is the situation we found ourselves in. It’s just a little blip on the radar of life and more than ever, we are reminded just how important it is to choose a REALLY good realtor.

Honestly, I can’t even say we chose our realtor. When we were ready to buy a house after our move to Texas, I filled out a form on line and she responded. I felt very comfortable with her from the first time we spoke and she did not disappoint. She never complained about showing us 10 houses, then 20 houses, then 30 houses, then I lost count. Or at least she never complained in front of us. When we contacted her about selling our house, she came over and gave us her professional opinion on what we should do to increase the chances of selling quickly. We took her advice and in less than 48 hours, our house sold. She didn’t complain about showing us another 10, 20, 30 or however many houses we looked at this time around. Again, at least not in front of us. She has never made me feel like I was going crazy during this process, even when I felt I was going crazy during this process. That in an of itself is quite a feat. LOL!!! She has answered all our questions and when I’ve begun to worry about something, she’s explained things to me and given me confidence that we’ll get everything worked out. She has come thru for us, gotten to know us and in turn we’ve gotten to know her. She isn’t just our realtor, she is our friend.

When she called on Thursday to tell us that there had been a delay in closing, I knew she was much more upset about it than we were. She had covered all the basis and the delay was absolutely nothing on our end. Our end was secure and we were ready to close. Still, when you have other parties involved in buying and selling, you can’t always be assured they have covered all their basis. You can’t always be assured other parties are working with an awesome realtor like you are and when things like this happen, you realize just how lucky you are that the realtor who chose you, is simply awesome!

So, things didn’t go as originally planned. We will still close on the two homes this week. We will still move into our new home as planned (again, thanks to our awesome realtor and her negotiation skills). The next chapter in the World of Weeks will soon begin and the dedication will most definitely include our Awesome Realtor!!!

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