Fun Little Games

Many evenings after dinner and before we’ve left the table to begin the clean-up, we’ll play some fun little game. Hubby will begin a song and we have to see who can name the title and artist of the song first. Sometimes he’ll start the game of “most likely” where he asks a question and we have to point to the person who is most likely to do that particular things. Other times the game may be asking what if questions.

Of all the games, I absolutely SUCK at the song game. I can remember lyrics to songs with very little problem, but to tell you the name and artist escapes me. Naomi and Lili, however, are great at the song game. Because we regularly listen to music in our home, they are able to name songs and artists from the 70’s and on. And to give you a better idea of how bad I am at the game, Arryn is starting to get better at it than I am.

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We don’t spend a great deal of time on the games, maybe 5-10 minutes, but it’s a great way for our family to stay more connected and learn more about each other.

So let’s play a fun little game.

  1. Where in the world have you never been, but would really like to visit?
  2. Is there anywhere in the world you would like to one day live?

Since I asked, I’ll start.

The place I’ve never been, but would like to visit is Europe. I can’t name just one country because there are so many I would like to see.

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The place in the world I would like to one day live is a little harder, but I think I would enjoy living in the Lesser Antilles. Considering the fact that when we went to Kauai many years ago (about 13 years ago), I loved it for about 2 days and was then ready to leave. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but the bigger problem for me was not being able to see any land other than the land I was standing on. Granted, it’s the only Hawaiian island I’ve ever visited, so maybe one of the islands would have been better. Kauai was a little claustrophobic though. However, from the places like St. Thomas or St. John, you can see the other islands and take a ferry to several different islands in the Lesser Antilles.

Virgin Islands ferry routes map

I think I could deal with that, at least for awhile.

Unless I win a big lottery or someone gives me $100,000’s, the cost of living in Hawaii or the Virgin Islands is out of reach for us. But one can still dream because that’s free.

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