Living Outside the Box

Hubby and I have been having some deep conversations about the importance of not conforming to other’s expectations.

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If we want to live our most authentic life, we should never allow our life to be dictated by fear of judgement or fear of not fitting into that little box. Over the years, we have somehow allowed ourselves to be sucked into making decisions based on the expectations of others. And you know what we’ve discovered?

I can be cramped and uncomfortable inside that little box.

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World of Weeks is about living life in our world our way. While we have strived to do just that, we haven’t necessarily done a great job. We have moved in and out of that little box pretty much our entire lives. Now it’s time to live outside the box permanently.

Hubby and I are in a very different place in life and it’s a good place right now. We are spending time contemplating options and making decisions for our future while appreciating the opportunities we have had and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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The journey we are on is exciting and a little bit scary at times. We don’t know exactly where life will lead us, but in this great big world, the possibilities are endless as long as we continue living outside the box.

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