Sunshine and Rain

It was a lazy day in the World of Weeks. The clouds were thick and heavy without a glimmer of sun shining thru. Eventually the clouds could no longer deal with the weight and the rain came down in buckets. Rain, thunder, lightening and eventually hail fell from the sky. The drought conditions welcomed the rain, but as it continued day after day, it became depressing. Rain and storms can cause a person to spiral downward. As much as the land needs rain it needs sunshine too. We humans needed blue skies and sunshine.

Florida gave us the sunshine we craved. Every day of our trip was filled with sunshine and warmth. Then we returned to Texas . . . rain, storms and much cooler temperatures met us at the door. A river formed in the middle of our back yard. Rivers formed along the streets as the drains worked hard to keep up.

Yesterday the sun broken thru big time. We ventured out to meet up with friends at the Texas Sculpture Garden. My body craved the sunshine so we ate lunch outside. We walked around the gardens. We played UNO outside. There were smiles and laughter all around.

On the way home Lili told me she enjoyed the day. She certainly enjoyed many of our days in Florida, but for the first time in over a year, she enjoyed her day.

The clouds are back today, although there is only an ever so slight chance of rain. Tomorrow we participate in our community garage sale with the prediction of clouds as the sky prepares for another long stretch of rain and storms all next week. The grass, trees, plants and flowers are looking lovely, which is benefit of all this rain. Yet, I’m over it and ready for a stretch of sunshine days to help brighten up the earth and my mood.

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