It’s No Secret

We like to travel. Especially when that travel includes beaches and cruise ships. Not traveling last year was rough. It would have been a nice escape for us, especially after saying good-bye to our foster baby and two foster daughters. So being able to escape to Florida for a couple of weeks was such a nice reprieve.

One member of our family claims to dislike travel. What she doesn’t seem to like is the travel getting to our destination, but she typically loves the destination. So imagine our surprise when this family member announced that she would like to take a trip back to Florida for her 12th birthday next month. She didn’t have to twist our arm very far and as of this morning, we heading back for a visit. This time to Fort Myers Beach!

See the source image

During our recent trip, we stayed in Sarasota but drove down to Fort Myers Beach. We had never driven further south than Sarasota and felt like exploring one day, so we headed out to explore Fort Myers. We found a restaurant on the beach and after 30 minutes of waiting for our server to return and take our order, we paid for our drinks and left. Needless-to-say, it was a very frustrating experience, but there was so much to do there and we definitely wanted to return for a longer visit. Thanks to our soon-to-be 12-yr-old’s birthday wish, we’ll be making that trip sooner than we expected.

This will likely be it for travel until our first cruise in December, but we’re excited to be heading out again for some sun and sand in Florida. At least I hope we’ll see plenty of sunshine. After all, we will be visiting during the rainy season. But rainy days looking over the Gulf of Mexico,

are certainly better than any day looking at our back yard.

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