Connecting With Old Friends

Thanks to social media, connecting with old friends is much easier

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About 20 years ago, the company I worked for built a new office and I was moved to that office along with several other employees. The employees in our department were like one big happy family. Okay, maybe a few were the black sheep of the family, but for the most part, we all got along very well. To this day, there are several I still call friends, even though we aren’t in contact often.

A few years later my little family sold our house, packed our belongings and headed back to Illinois. I have seen a couple of my old work friends over all these years and have continued to send Christmas cards each year. But as happens often when people move away, our lives took different directions.

Last month I received a message from one of my old friends. It was unexpected, but so nice to hear from him. We did some catching up and then last week he reached out again to see how we were doing and we’ve been trading notes back and forth ever since then.

Our shared work experience brought us together and opened the opportunity for us to become friends. Thanks to being part of the same social media network, we were able to reconnect. Now he’s sharing information with hubby and I that is helping us decide on our retirement location. A location, that quite honestly, we would not have considered had I not reconnected with my old friend. Or should I say, had he not reconnected with me.

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Having connections can be extremely helpful in many ways. Hopefully connecting with this particular old friend means our search for the perfect retirement location may be coming to an end and we can begin planning our move in the not too distant future.

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