Naming Baby Brother

Baby Brother had some complications after birth and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks after birth. His mom left the hospital before naming him and sadly, she never returned to give him a name. His name on the birth certificate is Infant.

As his future adoptive family, we have been given the honor of naming him so we told Lili and Naomi they could chose his first name.

The case worker had asked us what name we had chosen for Baby Brother. She informed me that the department has a policy of providing a copy of the birth certificate to Kinship caregivers and it is easier and better to give the baby a name and update the birth certificate than leave a child unnamed.

Since this change is being made, I thought I would go ahead and share that the name we’ve chose for Baby Brother is . . . . . . .

Ezran Carter!!!!

If all goes well, we will complete Ezran’s adoption in July or August and at that time, our last name will be added as his legal last name.


  1. Wow, you get to name him!
    I mean, I know you can always rename upon adoption. People do that.
    We did that with the two we adopted last, keeping their original name for middle name. But of the 6 we adopted, we only got to name 1, the one we adopted as a newborn. The one of ours that was left nameless by the birth mom was named by the hospital, before she was sent to orphanage.
    I remember how different it felt to be choosing a name for the newborn…..
    Cool name……Ezran.
    You’re brave, adopting again.
    We’re done. The last few yrs have been really, really rough….our oldest two adopted kids didn’t do teen well…….

    • Because mom didn’t name Baby Brother and because CPS has a department policy of providing a birth certificate to the “future” adoptive family, they needed to include a name. Since we will be the adoptive family, we were asked to name him. Like you, we changed our girl’s names. Our two IA we gave new first names and kept their names as middle names. Our youngest daughter we changed the spelling of her first name and gave her a new middle name. I am sorry that two of yours have had such tough teen years. Those years can be so very challenging for kids and parents alike. Throw adoption into the mix and those challenges can certainly grow. As far as being brave, I wouldn’t say we’re brave. Maybe a bit crazy. LOL!!! If mom has another baby, we probably won’t go down this road again, but we felt we’re in a position that we could do this and even more, we should do this. I just couldn’t wrap my head around not keeping siblings together if we could.

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