A Moment of “Oh No” Turned Around

I decided to start taking horseback riding lessons.  Last Saturday the girls had a make up lesson so I was able to get back into the saddle after 9 months of not riding.  I had forgotten some of the saddling details, but felt more comfortable in the saddle than I had previously. Monday was a regular lessonContinue reading “A Moment of “Oh No” Turned Around”

It’s a Family Affair

Well not quite the whole family, but Lili, Naomi and I all went to our horse backing riding lessons today.  Lili has been riding for almost a year, but this was a first for Naomi and me.  Not the first time we’ve been on a horse/pony, but certainly a first lesson. My lesson was aContinue reading “It’s a Family Affair”

Weeks Homestead Part 4 – Horses

Lili, my 6-yr-old, started horse back riding classes almost 9 months ago. She loves her class and adores Cooper, the Shetland pony she has primarily ridden since starting.  And when talking about our future homestead, she will occasionally talk about having her own pony. Riding has been a wonderful thing for her.  She loves learningContinue reading “Weeks Homestead Part 4 – Horses”

How to Keep Naomi Busy

Lili has one hour horseback riding lessons every week and during that hour Naomi needs to be entertained in a quiet way.  So far, she’s been entertained by taking pictures during Lili’s lessons.  Here’s an example of her work. She actually managed to get some decent pictures 🙂 While Naomi is happily snapping pictures, LiliContinue reading “How to Keep Naomi Busy”