Still Here

Sorry for the lack of posts.

Things have been a little busy in the World of Weeks.

I now have one shelf almost full of home-grown produce, canned and stored – tomatoes, salsa, tomato sauce, pickled zucchini, cucumbers, Serranos and jalepenos. I also have about 40 cups of shredded zucchini in my freezer.

Today I’ll be canning more tomatoes and have several more zucchini to freeze.

Other than gardening and preserving, I’m doing more and more with the girls homeschool program. I just ordered more curriculum for both girls, but primarily for Lili. Pre-schoolers don’t really need much in the way of curriculum, but Naomi likes being able to do something similar to big sis. This year I’m introducing geography and history to Lili’s curriculum. We also got a globe, which has already created a lot of excitement. Both girls have loved looking for Guatemala (Lili’s birth country) and Ethiopia (Naomi’s birth country) on the globe. Lili has also enjoyed the discovery of new places on the globe. It’s also giving her more opportunity to exercise her reading skills.

In addition to what we do here at home, Lili is continuing her horseback riding lessons and Naomi has started a gymnastics class. We will also be participating in a homeschool co-op which begins in a couple of weeks.

My organizing and downsizing projects continue, although very slowly.

I’m still here and will eventually get around to creating posts for all the ideas floating around in my head.

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