How to Keep Naomi Busy

Lili has one hour horseback riding lessons every week and during that hour Naomi needs to be entertained in a quiet way.  So far, she’s been entertained by taking pictures during Lili’s lessons.  Here’s an example of her work.

IMG_7659 IMG_7663 IMG_7665 IMG_7667 IMG_7668 IMG_7670 IMG_7671 IMG_7672 IMG_7674

IMG_7678 IMG_7681 IMG_7684 IMG_7689

She actually managed to get some decent pictures 🙂

While Naomi is happily snapping pictures, Lili is very much enjoying her riding lessons.  Except for the little scare she had during her last lesson when she almost fell off the pony.  She is learning how to ride during a trot and doesn’t quite have it down yet.  The pony was trotting and Lili starting sliding to the side of the saddle.  Despite her fear of the almost fall, she stuck with it and is counting down the days until her next lesson.


  1. That is so cool. Isabelle would love to have riding lessons. Just not sure where to go to do something like that around here. Not sure if she is even old enough for it either. You guys are such cool parents!

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