November 3, 1985

They had known each other for years as friends, good friends in fact, but his enlistment in the Army meant they were parting ways.  Her life going one direction as a soon to be single mom and his life going another as a solider.

Two years later and things so much different then before, he returned home on leave.  It was during this leave that they reconnected.  No expectations, just two old friends catching up on where life had taken them.  Yet somehow during their short time together,  their  friendship blossomed and became more than either of them expected or had imagined.

He returned to his overseas Army base and her life as a single working mom continued. However, distance could not keep them apart. For 10 long months they wrote letters to each other, talked on the phone and began to learn and  understand each other in ways they never had before. Their friendship grew stronger and a new love emerged.

For 10 months they lived with an ocean between them, but that ocean would do nothing more than bring them closer together.

Finally, the day came when he was able to return to the states.  His time overseas complete and for both of them, a new life about to begin.  They committed their lives to each other and became husband and wife.

Their marriage began without the acceptance and support of some of their closest friends and family.   While sad that others could not accept their relationship, they forged ahead knowing that their love and commitment would withstand all the challenges along the way.

Together they faced all the ups and downs of raising a son with autism and watching all 3 of their boys grow to adulthood.  They stood side-by-side at the graveside of his mom and years later his dad.  At a time when many of their friends were sending kids off to college and welcoming grandchildren into their lives, they made the decision to add two beautiful little girls to their family thru adoption.  A few short weeks after bringing home their second daughter, they found themselves living a parents worst nightmare as they  said good-bye and buried their youngest son. They held on to each other tight knowing that the strength of their love would get them thru.

That young couple, so happy and excited to begin their new lives together so long ago, have ridden the waves of life and now celebrate 28 years of marriage.

David Weeks, I am grateful and so very happy that I have spent the last 28 years of my life building a home, family, and life with you. You are my best friend and I thank you for walking this journey of life with me.

I am excited to see where life takes us and know that with you standing beside me, we will continue to tackle any challenge life throws our way.

Forever and always, you are still the only one for me !!


Our anniversary song.


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