So Many Changes

This photo popped up on my Facebook memories today.

No photo description available.

I can’t tell you where we were, but as I looked at this photo this morning, I realized just how much our lives have changed in the 5 years that have passed.

The biggest change is in these two beauties who were 7 and 9 in this photo who are now turning into beautiful young women, inside and out.

They are big sisters to Arryn (3, soon to be 4) and if all goes well, they will be big sisters again to Baby Brother.

They have journeyed along with us moving cross country, living in our RV, moving into our first Texas home and then a few years later moving into our second Texas home.

They have made new friends and said good-bye to friends.

They have tackled the ups and downs of welcoming new foster kiddos into our family and later saying good-bye.

They are so very smart and accepting of the differences that make us unique while trying to figure out where they fit in best in this big crazy world.

Their beginnings in life were not easy and together, we have had to navigate all the emotions and challenges that come from starting life with so much loss. But together, we are learning and evolving and changing.

Despite all the challenges they’ve experienced in life, they are amazing young ladies and I’m so very proud they call me mom.

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