Merry Christmas Eve!

There is a lot of excitement in our house today.  We will bake cookies this afternoon and watching some holiday movies. After dinner we will take a drive around town to look at the lights. Hopefully, while we’re gone, Santa’s elves will have stopped by to make sure we’re ready for the big guy’s arrival and leave us each a gift under the tree – new pajamas!!!

Throughout the day, there will be music.

I am sure to spread lots of Christmas cheer as I sing along with more of my favorite holiday tunes.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Tender Heart

As Naomi has gotten older, she has developed a tender heart. Daddy or mommy scolding her for something can send her to tears pretty easily, but lately songs that touch her little heart will also send her into tears.  I understand this, as more than a few songs have caused tears to stream down my face.  Some songs just bring emotions to the surface.

Today, we were on our way to meet up with some other homeschoolers for a day at the park.  Other than the fog, it was a decent day here in Central IL and we needed to take full advantage and get everyone outside for some fresh air and outdoor fun.  On the way, we were listening to a local radio station which plays Christmas music all day this time of the year.  One of my favorite Christmas songs came on the radio and within a few minutes Lili  announced that Naomi had tears on her cheeks.  I’ve had to fight back the tears most times I’ve heard this song too, so I can’t say I blame her at all for getting emotional.

My tender-hearted little girl feels deeply and that’s a good thing.

New Favorite

Dave and I love music and while I tend to listen to the same songs over and over, he’s much more adventurous and enjoys finding new artists.  Recently, he was checking out video clips on I Am Bored .com (not that he is really bored, but he does get a good laugh out there from time to time), and he came across a woman by the name of Jane Lui who was being made fun of because of  this video.

The really funny thing is, this woman can sing.  Granted, she’s singing Ducktales, but did you also notice she was doing the background as well?

In addition, she has no money or big recording contract, so she asked people to donate to her recording fund and raised $11,000 to record a CD.

Here are a couple other Jane Lui songs/videos that show in our house on a daily basis.

and this one.

She really is a talented and creative woman who obviously doesn’t need any expensive musical equipment to make beautiful music.  It’s also fun hearing Lili and Naomi sing along with her songs and imitate the dance moves on the videos.

I hope all of you enjoy Jane Lui as much as the people living in the World of Weeks do.