Yiyi’s Banket and Chicago

A couple weeks ago I met up with my long lost best friend from high school. Not only did we have a wonderful time trying to catch up on the last 30 years, but she had also made a beautiful quilt for Lili. Lili loves her new quilt and frequently tells me, “Yiyi’s banket.” I confirmed, “Yes, that’s Lili’s blanket.” Everyday she takes her nap covered up with her new quilt and enjoys laying in our over-sized chair all covered up watching Dora. A few days ago I finally broke out the camera and snapped a few photos of Lili with her new quilt. Thanks to my friend Krys, Lili has a treasured blanket keepsake.

It was a bit up-in-the-air the last couple of days, but since Ryan is once again out of the hospital and so far doing well (knock on wood), we are heading up to Chicago tomorrow for a day at the Museum of Science and Industry and I have no doubt we’ll spend a little time on Michigan Ave. I love being in the Windy City and when I say love and do mean love being in the Windy City. Unfortunately, it’s been almost 2 years since I was last in Chicago. It’s only about a 2 1/2 hours drive and quite honestly the majority of the time we take Amtrak which makes it a little longer, but a very stress free trip. For several reasons, I just haven’t made the trip to Chicago since shortly before Lili came home and I’m so excited to finally be going back and taking Lili for the first time.

I’m also hoping to have dinner at one of the local Ethiopian restaurants. We tried Ethiopian food for the first time in Dallas this summer and discovered that we really enjoy Ethiopian food. There are no Ethiopian restaurants in Central Illinois, so what better opportunity than during our trip to Chicago.

By-the-way, did I tell you how much I love Chicago?!!!!!!

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  1. Thank you Debbie…I love you and miss you. I so enjoyed the pics of Lili and her blanket..thank you for this…I will cherish the pics forever…Dora..you say…ummm…might have to make another one.Glad Ryan is doing better…Keep me updated.Much Love to your family….Krys

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