Scissors and a 4-Year-old

One of the things I’m working on with Naomi this year are her scissor skills.  She is doing pre-school work and learning good scissor skills is part of most pre-school programs.  Cutting with scissors allows her to work on her fine motor skills.  Plus, cutting with scissors is great fun!!!

Apparently, she is feeling confident in her skills since she cut hair off Zoey, our youngest Keeshond.

As you can see in the picture, Zoey has plenty of coat so you would never know she has any missing right now.


If it weren’t for the clump of hairs I found on the dining room floor, I wouldn’t have known Naomi cut Zoey’s hair.

Maybe she is practicing her dog grooming skills and maybe I should hide the clippers!


  1. Ha ha, I think that it is a right of passage for little ones. Cutting the hair of something they shouldn’t. All three of mine have given themselves some unique hairstyles. Thanks for the smile!

    • My oldest tried out his scissor skills on my curtains. The two in the middle cut hair. My oldest daughter has stuck to cutting only what she has been given permission to cut. Not normal I know. My youngest? I’m quite sure this is the first of many things she will be cutting that she shouldn’t.

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