Record Breaking Winter May Cause Delays

Thanks to the snow storm that moved thru over the weekend, we have now broken a record for the most snowfall. The previous record was 52.5″ and this year we’ve now had 53.4″ of snow. Sadly, it doesn’t appear we’re done with the snow as we have more snow forecast mid-week and this weekend.  Ugh!!!! However,Continue reading “Record Breaking Winter May Cause Delays”

Crazy Acres

We have put our crazy plan wheels in motion, which means we put our car wheels in motion and made a drive down to the Missouri Ozarks to look at some property. I found out about some properties via a member of a website forum called Homesteading Today.  I had posted a question on the forum about property and she responded withContinue reading “Crazy Acres”

A Homestead Kind of Day

Winter Storm Nika moved through last night and early this morning leaving us about 6 – 7 inches of snow. This required another snow shoveling work-out and after my work-out I decided it was a good day to enhance some of my homesteading skills. Since I was down to just enough laundry soap for maybe twoContinue reading “A Homestead Kind of Day”

What to Wear?

It’s snowing again.  “Hello Winter Storm Nika,” and this winter I’ve begun to think a lot about my homestead wardrobe.  When the weather is hot, I wear a lot of capris, short-sleeved tops and flip flops.  It works well for the gardening and housework I do now, but I don’t think it’s going to work asContinue reading “What to Wear?”

Winter Work-Out

Hubby and Lili are still sick, although both are beginning to show signs of improvement and because we were running low on several things, I really needed to make a trip to the grocery store.  I decided hubby and Lili could stay home while Naomi and I headed out into our winter wonderland, but unfortunately, theContinue reading “Winter Work-Out”

Dehydrating on a Snowy Day

As I was turning off lights before heading to bed last night, I peeked outside only to discover that is was snowing once again. Already, the ground was covered in white and the wind was blowing so I knew the roads probably weren’t going to be in great shape this morning. As I had predicted,Continue reading “Dehydrating on a Snowy Day”

Today Better Than Yesterday

My yesterday included laundry, which isn’t different from most days for me.  The washing machine was doing its job, while I chatted on the phone with a friend for a few minutes.  The call ended and I heard running water.  As typical in my house, there was kid noise and the weather lead me to believeContinue reading “Today Better Than Yesterday”