Thru the Eyes of a Child

45 days until Christmas!!!!!!

Christmas is going to be quite the event at our house this year with two little boys added to the mix.

The girls have started working on their Santa’s lists and FS1 has been pretty clueless.

Recently though, as we’ve talked about Christmas we’ve begun to realize that Christmas here is going to be very different for these two little guys.

While we aren’t 100% sure, it appears that FS1 hasn’t experienced a Christmas with gifts under the tree.

Recently, hubby asked him if he has ever gone to sit on Santa’s lap and he responded, “No.”  Hubby then asked, “Well Santa still brings you presents right?”  He responded, “No, nobody gets presents.”

Because we don’t always know if he is fully comprehending everything, I talked to him a little about Christmas today.   I asked if he had a Christmas tree at his house and he said, “Yes.”  I asked if Santa came to put presents under the tree and he said, “Yes.”  I asked him what he got for Christmas and he began listing off all the toys he plays with here at our house.  As I inquired more he told me he didn’t get presents at home.

This will most certainly be different from the Christmas’s he’s known.

Christmas at our house includes a trip to see Santa 2-3 weeks before Christmas.  It means writing Dear Santa letters and mailing them off to the North Pole.  It’s sending and receiving Christmas cards in the mail.  It’s an annual trip to see Christmas lights.  It’s listening to Christmas music.  It’s watching our favorite Christmas movies.  It’s about decorating the tree together.  It’s waking up Christmas morning to see gifts under the tree.  It’s about smiles, laugher and excitement as gifts are unwrapped.  It’s baking and decorating Christmas cookies.  It’s spending time with family.

Over the next 45 days, we’ll begin doing those things we do each year in the World of Weeks.  It may be the only Christmas the boys experience in the World of Weeks and I hope we can make it a happy and memorable Christmas for all.

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  1. I love love love Christmas and would start decorating now if I could and leave everything up till well past the new year! So glad you all love it so much and will be giving all the little ones such a wonderful Christmas and time with family.

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