Let Me Answer a Question

Since we made the announcement that we’re moving to Texas, I’ve had several people ask me about our foster sons.  I want to explain what is happening on that front.

First of all, the boys are still with us.  Unfortunately, their time with us will be coming to an end.

The goal for the boys still remains reunification.  As such, they must remain in the State of Illinois where they can continue to have visits with their parents.

Whether or not reunification will actually take place is yet to be seen, but I have also confirmed that the particular county handling their case is very slow to bring foster care cases to a close.  After talking to the boy’s case worker, there is likely many more months of foster care in their future.  That breaks my heart as much as leaving them behind.  These boys deserve to have permanency sooner, rather than later and it’s unlikely that anything will be settled for them for a very long time.

We had every intention of following their case through to the end, but life had other plans.  So as we leave Illinois as a family of four, I will leave behind two little pieces of my heart, along with the hope that we’ve created a positive change in their lives.