A New Use for Milk

Did you know that milk is good for tomatoes and peppers? Tomatoes and peppers need calcium. Calcium helps prevent blossom end rot and I’ve experienced that in the past. I also knew that using egg shells and powdered milk around the plants would provide good sources of calcium. If one can use powdered milk, whyContinue reading “A New Use for Milk”

Starting the Herb Garden

I have had an ever-growing interest in herbs. Specifically, I have an ever-growing interest in the health benefits of herbs. I’ve tried my hand at growing them in the past, but didn’t have a lot of success. This year I decided to increase my chances of success and instead of growing just a couple different herbs,Continue reading “Starting the Herb Garden”

What’s in a Name

This morning during breakfast, my girls were discussing names and we got on the topic of the meaning of names. Of course both wanted to know they meaning of their names. Liliana – of Latin and English origin meaning Lily “flower.” Naomi – of Hebrew origin meaning “pleasant.” I  explained to Lili that a lilyContinue reading “What’s in a Name”

My New Garden Assistant

We’ve had a lot of up and down temperatures this spring and I was very anxious to get my tomatoes and peppers outside to begin hardening before planting. In addition to the temperature fluctuations, we’ve had some fairly strong winds which concerned me. Yet, my biggest concern was getting them outside of my house.  IContinue reading “My New Garden Assistant”

Amazing Vegetable

After several unfulfilled forecasts of rain, we finally got a nice little shower yesterday.  We had above normal temperatures for several days.  Above normal as in 15 – 20 degrees above normal, which my cabbage plants were not enjoying at all.  On top of that, the ground was getting pretty dry.  With seeds in the groundContinue reading “Amazing Vegetable”

The Start to Our Weekend

We had some big outdoor plans on tap for the weekend and since Sunday is calling for storms, today was our day to get as much of it done as possible. My primary goal was getting all my cool weather vegetables in the ground.  It really has been cool here, unseasonably cool.  Of course theContinue reading “The Start to Our Weekend”

It’s Official

Spring has sprung! The temperatures have been slowly rising, although for the most part they have still been below normal. Then overnight the rains and storms moved in and now we have the possibility of severe storms this afternoon and tonight. When the severe weather threats move in, I know spring has officially arrived. AlthoughContinue reading “It’s Official”