Motivation Time

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I apologize for not posting more on my blog.  It’s not for lack of topics, because quite frankly, there is A LOT happening in our lives.  Much of what is happening isn’t something I feel comfortable putting out for public consumption though.  Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I’m not quite sure how to share some of what’s happening.  Sometimes tough stuff happens in life and it’s best to just sit back and take time to discuss and think things through.

That’s where we are right now.  We’re sitting back and taking time to discuss and think things through.  We’re giving something our utmost attention in an effort to make the best decision.


Fortunately, not all of our life is full of tough stuff.  Some of our life is full of funny stuff, especially when it comes out of the mouths of my children.

For example, here is a conversation that took place in our house today.

Lili:  Naomi, it may be too monkey to take a walk today.

Me:  What?

Lili:  It may be too monkey to take a walk today?

Me:  Monkey?

Lili:  Yes.

Me:  Oh, you mean muggy?

Lili:  Yes.

Me:  (walking out to the garage trying not to laugh hysterically)


Then a short time ago this conversation took place.

Naomi:  Mom, police and please rhyme.

Me:  Police and please don’t rhyme.

Naomi:  Yes they do.  (Said with complete authority and confidence).

Me:  (No response)


Naomi has also become the song bird of the house.  Many mornings she’ll be playing with toys, but instead of pretend verbal conversation, she’ll be singing the conversation.  It’s like a constant musical in my house :-)


If your going thru any tough stuff right now, I hope you’re also able to smile and laugh at the little things in life.




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It’s Back

Summer that is.

We’ve had very spring-like temperatures for the last several days, which has been lovely.  However, this is tomato and pepper growing season at our house.  They like heat.  Hot and humid is their friend.  I’ve been picking tomatoes, but they aren’t ripening as fast as they usually do this time of the year.  And because we’ve had so much rain and so many cool days and nights, they aren’t producing like they did last year.  My main goal with the tomatoes this year, other than eating them, was canning tomato sauce.   I didn’t can nearly enough last year and hopefully I’ll get enough ripe San Marzano tomatoes for several jars of sauce this year.  As usual though, my gardening experience has already taught me much about what I’ll do different next year.


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Falling Apart

My body is retaliating.  For quite some time, I’ve had problems with my knees.  A couple of years ago my doctor examined them and told me I had arthritis.  My grandmother had arthritis and my dad has arthritis, so why not me?

A couple of months ago, my left foot started hurting.  Self-diagnosis – planters fasciitis.

About the same time, my right hand started hurting.  Self-diagnosis – tendonitis.

I had to get a physical this week (more about why I needed the physical another time) and the doctor confirmed my self-diagnosis – planters fasciitis and tendonitis.  As a result, I was able to get a referral for physical therapy.  I would much prefer physical therapy as a treatment over medication and start this week.

I also went to see a doctor about my knees.  They really have gotten much worse over the last several months.  I’m unable to walk up or down stairs without pain.  I’m unable to sit or stand without pain.  Walking doesn’t cause pain unless I’m going up or down a hill.  Running is impossible without significant pain and riding a bike causes knee pain.

I’m falling apart and these three things are having a significant impact on my ability to do all the things I need to be doing on a daily basis.

The doctor I went to see about my knees, specializes in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy.  His goal is to alleviate the knee pain, stop the effects of arthritis and if possible reverse the effects of arthritis.  He is not a proponent of surgery without first exhausting more natural treatment plans first.

He specializes in Hyaluronan Replacement Therapy.  Hyaluronic acid is a naturally present substance found in the body.  In the knee, this acid acts as a shock absorber keeping your bones from hitting against each other when walking, running, etc.  Arthritis causes the hyaluronic acid to thin, so the bones in the knees begin hitting against each other, which causes pain.  Hyaluronan Replacement Therapy consists of hyaluronic acid being injected into each knee once a week for 5 weeks.  What I really like about this therapy, is that the hyaluronic acid used is extracted from the comb of roosters.  It’s not a man-made substance, but a natural occurring acid found in rooster combs.


I love it!!!  Not sure the roosters love it, but if this works, I’ll be forever grateful to roosters.

This therapy has a 70% success rate. However, combined with physical therapy, it has a 90% success rate.  I’m very hopeful it will work for me and if all goes well, between the injections and physical therapy on all the parts of my body currently falling apart, I may be pain-free by the time we leave on our cross-country field trip later this summer.



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Dress Up

Naomi really enjoys dress-up. Lili not so much. But when someone at work gave hubby a fun bag of dress-up supplies, both girls decided to try them out. Of course I had to take pictures.

Naomi is doing the hula in the first few shots, which is why she is a blur :-)

WP_20140714_001 WP_20140714_002 WP_20140714_003 WP_20140714_004 WP_20140714_005 WP_20140714_006 WP_20140714_007 WP_20140714_008 WP_20140714_009

I also found it funny that Lili was all about posing and Naomi’s expression pretty much stayed the same in every picture. Funny girls!

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I was outside doing some gardening, because that’s the way I like to spend my birthday!!!  When I came inside with my arms full of peppers – we are getting an AWESOME crop of peppers this year – hubby shared a conversation he had overheard between Naomi and our son Josh.

Josh is giving Naomi tongue twisters. He told her to say, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” She tried. Then he told her to say, “Rubber baby buggy bumpers.” She tried. Then she said, “I have one for you. Say, ‘cheese, cheese, cheesecake, cake.” He did it, so she said, “ok, say – eso pingo, pingle, cupcake, bottom, cupcake, bottom.”

I needed to get this story in writing.  It’s just another example of how creative and funny she is.



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My lack of posting hasn’t been from a lack of things to write about.  It’s been more a matter of not having the words to write all my thoughts, feelings and information about life right now.  There is nothing bad happening, just a lot of thinking and discussion taking place these days and that’s a good thing.

One thing hubby and I have been discussing is what things are important to us as we search for our ‘perfect’ piece of homestead paradise.  We all have certain hopes and dreams about where we’ll live and what the landscape will look like.  Since our goal is to move to that perfect place, why not figure it all out and then figure out exactly where we need to land to find it.

Here are the choices.

1.  Mountain

2.  Ocean

3.  Lake

4.  Flatlands

5.  Hills

6.  Dessert

7.  Wooded

8.  River

9.  Any landscape I’ve forgotten to mention

My choice would be living on a piece of property that has some hills,

with a view of the mountains,

near a lake.


Of course these things aren’t all that’s important to me, but having some scenery like this every day would certainly be a wonderful way to live :-)

What about you?  What’s your favorite landscape or combination of landscapes?


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