Lili and Daddy

I love pictures of the girls with their daddy.

Here is one of Lili and Daddy on our outing to Curtis Orchard today.


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Do You See What’s Missing?


Do you notice anything different?

It might be a little hard to tell because we’ve been waiting so long it doesn’t necessarily appear that anything is missing.  But there is something a little different about Naomi.

This evening, she came over and said, “Mom, this just came out of my mouth”.  In her hand was her tooth.  The tooth that has been loose for weeks.  The tooth that took so long to come out, the permanent tooth came in behind it and can be seen clearly behind the empty space where the baby tooth previously resided.

When I told her the thing that just came out of her mouth was her loose tooth, her eyes got really big and she said “Finally, I lost my first tooth”.  Then she ran thru the house looking for daddy so she could show him her tooth.

After all these weeks of waiting, she has her first tooth under her pillow waiting for the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Exciting times!

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Doors Close, So Open Them

Boy do I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “When one door closes, look for the open window”.  Or, “When one door closes, another will open”.

It’s easy to buy into that thinking and wait around for the window to come flying open or for another door to open.  It absolves us from taking responsibility and action for our own lives.

We have lived in the door closes, wait for another door to open philosophy for way too long.   We’ve waited for the perfect moment to arrive.  You know, that moment when everything has fallen into place, the door comes open and you can jump thru to the other side.  Instead, what we needed to do was quit asking so many questions

We are experts at finding excuses for why things aren’t going our way.  We’ve become comfortable at staying in our mediocrity to avoid the work that is required to move life in a different direction.

Recently, our way of thinking changed and we decided to quit waiting for doors and windows to open.  Instead, we started rattling door knobs and prying open windows.  Because life isn’t going to wait for us to be ready to do things differently.  Instead, we need to live our lives in the way that is best for us.  We need to be willing to take chances and explore new possibilities. that await on the other side.   That’s  taking control of our lives and not allowing life to take control of us.

We now travel more and are working very hard to enjoy our lives.  We’re setting goals and making plans for our future.  We are making the changes necessary to live our lives the way we want to live our lives.   The future is exciting!

Will doors close in the future?  Absolutely!  And you know what?  We’re fine with that, because when a door closes we can simply open it.  After all, that’s how doors work.

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Directing Our Sails

If the wind would blow perfectly in the right direction, everything would just fall in place.  Or so that is what we thought.  We can make wonderful plans and then sit back and wait for everything to just fall in place and carry us on an awesome journey.

The problem with this thinking is that we have no control over the wind.  If we aren’t adjusting our sails and directing our boat, we won’t go in the right direction.

We make plans.  Those plans don’t work out so we make new plans.  Those plans don’t work out so we make new plans.  And it goes on and on and on.  At no time have we adjusted our sails to help our plans along.  Instead, we sit back and wait for the wind to come along and push us toward our plan.

What we’ve learned is that working harder for something isn’t necessarily going to make things happen.  When something isn’t working the way we hope, we need to adjust.  We need to make changes in our approach.

It’s the definition of insanity – doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.

With a plan in place, we’re adjusting our sails.  We’re doing things differently.  We’re letting go of the insanity.

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Garden Lessons for 2015

What have I learned from gardening this year?

  1. Too much rain in the spring and early summer don’t equal a great crop of tomatoes in the summer.
  2. Having a toddler who doesn’t find playing the garden fun, makes gardening almost impossible.
  3. Too much rain + toddler = Weed Fest 2015
  4. Heirloom tomatillos planted in 2014 will produce new plants and fruit in 2015.
  5. Adding two younger children to the household just means less time for the garden.

Honestly, I’m not even sure I could call my garden a garden this year.  This would have been a more appropriate description.

I went into it with great plans and good intentions, but life and the weather just seemed to have a different plan.

Now we’re preparing to pull everything up (except for the blueberries and raspberries I planted this spring), work out a different plan for next year and hope we’re more successful in our gardening attempts.

The nice thing about gardening is that you get a do-over every spring.

Here’s to a better 2016 garden season!!!

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We All Deserve to Be Happy

I have several people in my life who are going thru some big stuff in their lives. They’ve experienced hurt at the hands of others and I wish I could do more than provide an understanding ear or shoulder to lean on.

While I wish I didn’t understand, I have had similar situations in my life and those hurts can run deep. The trust you had built is completely shattered by hurtful words or actions and you spend months or sometimes years trying to pick up the pieces and move on. Although in some cases, rebuilding that previous level of trust may seem to be an impossible task, especially when those hurt come in waves.

As humans, we are fragile beings and we take things very personally.  After all, it’s hard not take things personally when we are the target of the hurtful words or actions.  But we are also resilient and when we’ve been hurt by others we need to remember . . . .

Then . . . .

Because . . . .

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Bucket List?

I have a few friends that have recently written blog or FB posts about crossing things off their bucket list.  I always enjoy reading these post, but each time I’m reminded that I’ve never actually created a bucket list.  Sure, there are things I want to do and I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of those things.  However, I don’t have a bucket list per se.

Time has a way of slipping by quickly and if I’m ever going to create a bucket list, there is no time like the present.  So here it goes.

In no particular order . . . .

  1. (She stares blankly at the ceiling trying to come up with #1).
  2. (Still staring blankly at the ceiling).
  3. Oh yeah, I do want to visit every state in the U.S.
  4. There are some countries I wouldn’t mind seeing, but no particular country is coming to mind right now.

Suddenly I realize why I’ve never had a bucket list.  I’m not sure exactly what I hope to do before the end of my life.

I think I’ll ponder this for a bit and see if I can come up with a list.

So tell me, do you have a bucket list?  Care to share some of your bucket list items?

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