Foster Update

Last month FS1 and FS2’s parents went back to court.  I appears that one or both parents are moving in the right direction as the judge has left the status as “return home in 1 year”.  He scheduled the next court date for the middle of July.  The boys were removed from their parents the end of July.

This information sent Naomi and FS1 into a downward spiral, but after talking to the case worker more, she assured us that even if the judge changes the status to return home at the next court hearing, the boys would not return home right away and said FS1 would be starting school here next fall.  That made the kids feel much better about the situation, but I got a little taste of what it will be like when they do return home.  It’s not going to be a pretty picture, but at least we can prepare as best we can for them to go back and live with dad and/or mom.

I say dad and/or mom because they are no longer together.  I have no idea how this will play out, but from the little bit I know, dad appears to be trying to do what he needs to do to get his kids back.

With that said, I am absolutely in favor of kids growing up in their biological family, as long as that family is able to provide them a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  I hope that will be the case for FS1 and FS2.

In the meantime, we plug along as a family of 6.  We have had many challenges along the way and quite honestly, but the experience has also been so much better than it could have been.  We just hope that in the end we are making a positive difference in the lives of these little guys.

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Food Review – Bacon

During lunch today, hubby and I were having a discussion about foods that people like vs foods people don’t tend to like.  For me, it’s lima beans.  I like lima beans when they are incorporated in a dish that includes other ingredients, but not lima beans by themselves.  Okay, it’s not just lima beans that I don’t like.  I don’t like liver either.  I’m also not a fan of melon.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I don’t like any melon.  As long as we’re on the subject, I don’t drink coffee because I don’t like the taste of coffee.

We all have foods or drinks that we don’t like, but hubby pointed out that of all the foods he’s heard people talk about not liking, the one food he’s never heard anyone say they didn’t like is bacon.  I have to agree with him on that one.  I too have never heard anyone say they don’t like bacon.  Yet, there has to be someone out there who has tried bacon and doesn’t like it.

What about you?  Do you like bacon?

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Mother’s Day, Not Always a Day of Celebration

Today is the day we honor our mothers.  It’s a day set aside for moms to laugh, to smile, to enjoy being treated to a nice meal not prepared by a mother’s hands.  For some though, it’s a day of mourning.  It’s a day of looking around the table and feeling sorrow for the empty seat that was once occupied by a loving son or daughter.  For some, it’s sorrow for a womb that has remained empty.  A void, a longing for a child.  For some, it’s sadness for the child a mother was unable to raise herself.  For some, it’s the grieving of a mother that is gone or a mother estranged from the family.

I understand the importance of Mother’s Day, especially to my children.  A day for them to give me gifts and to treat me to lunch (with daddy’s help).  A day of learning to better appreciate me as their mother.  At the same time, this day is a day of real sadness in my home.

Today I think of one mother in Guatemala and one in Ethiopia.  Mothers, who every day think of the daughters they were unable to raise.  I think of these women every day, especially today.

-Jody Landers #Adoption

I also think of the mother of our foster sons.  Her life isn’t something I understand, but I do believe she is probably missing her boys today.

Today I feel the loss of my youngest son more than usual.  The last time I saw him alive was Mother’s Day.  It was May 9, 2010.  The next day he was gone.  For me, this is much more the anniversary of his death than it is Mother’s Day.  It’s not a day I want to celebrate.

If, for whatever reason, you are not celebrating Mother’s Day today, please know you are not alone.

"A mother's grief and mourning knows NO end, her love---NO boundaries." ~TeriAnn Sargent / "Every Angel Parent can face the ultimate tragedy and survive. It's the day-to-day living, after the fact, that will bring you to your knees." ~ B. J. Karrer of Grieving Mothers/FB [Click here - ] Mother Grieving Loss of Child - Thursday's Therapy - Surviving Mother's Day





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Rockin It

Gotta love a girl who can rock the Clark Kent glasses and butterfly antenna at the same time.


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My Little Artist

Lili has loved art since she was very little.  I would put her in her high chair with a crayon and she not only had perfect pencil grip, but at a young age she began creating some wonderful art.

She loves just about any type of art, although painting is probably her favorite.  Since I can’t keep everything, I really need to take some pictures as a reminder of the various art projects she has completed.  Posts about her art projects should become a regular visitor here at the World of Weeks.

For the last few months, she has been taking  art classes at the McLean County Arts Center.  At the end of her art class this week, her teacher gave her a sketch book.  She has been creating pictures and shared her first completed picture with me yesterday.


I’m thrilled that she has found something she enjoys so much and I think there will be a lot of art classes and sketch books in her future.

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First Night with Georgette

Last night we went camping at the Weeks Driveway Campground.

Because the anticipation was high, followed by a high level of excitement, sleep was minimal.  However, the primary goal was to take a trial run before heading off to a public campground.  Spending the night with Georgette allowed us to learn more about her and we learned a lot.

One thing I learned is that the learning curve to RV ownership is bigger than I thought.  The dealership was good at going thru everything with us, but I needed to just get in there and go through everything myself.

We also made some discoveries that will require a trip back the dealership to repair some warranty items.  For example, getting the gray water tank cap fixed.

We, or should I say hubby, learned the importance of making sure all the caps are on the tanks before use.  I think he would agree that it’s especially important on the black tank.  I had no idea what happened, but Naomi came in to tell me that daddy opened the door and “Whoosh” lots of water came pouring out.  Yuck!!!  (For those who may not know, the black tank is toilet waste.)

Lili quickly claimed the top bunk and Naomi the bottom.  They have curtains that help block out some of the sound and light in the RV.  FS1 has the pull down bunk above the cab, but no curtain.  I don’t really sew, but I need to come up with curtains or something that blocks out the noise and light for him as well.

We’ll likely need a few camping weekends to gain a real comfort with Georgette, but there is great potential for a lot of fun times ahead!!



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From RV’s to Birthdays to World Naked Gardening Day

A couple of days ago I blogged about our new RV.  Yesterday my post was about Lili’s birthday.  Today, will be a different topic altogether.

My blog is becoming quite diverse I suppose.  Maybe there is interest in stopping by for a visit just to see what in the world I might be writing about next.  Or not.

I really never intended to write about anything and everything, but there is a lot happening in our life and in this world.  When there is good material, I should write about it.

For example, gardening.

This year I planted 4 blueberry and 6 red raspberry bushes.  I also planted 2 sweet plum trees.  Then those pesky rabbits got in the garden.  I didn’t realize it until they hadn’t eaten the majority of leaves off everything.  Of course it doesn’t take long for 4 rabbits to devour some young fruit bushes.

Lesson learned!!!!  Now each fruit plant has a cage around it, but the rabbits continue to stick around just waiting for the next tasty meal and I am keeping a watchful eye on the bushes in hopes that they will begin growing new leaves.

Maybe they would stay away if I participated in World Naked Gardening Day :-)

Yes folks, the 1st Saturday in May is in fact World Naked Gardening Day!!!  (Warning!!!!!  If you click on the World Naked Gardening Day link, you will see naked gardeners.)

Wear your birthday suit and spend time in your garden.  Apparently, next to swimming, it’s the most family friendly activity people are willing to try.

I’m not one of those people willing to try naked gardening.  Among other reasons, I fear the following scenario . . . .

I’m being ushered out of my garden in handcuffs telling the officer – “But officer, it is World Naked Gardening Day.  It’s not just a national holiday, but a WORLD holiday so you can’t arrest me.  Plus, shouldn’t you be out of uniform and in your garden instead of taking me out of my garden?”

For some reason, I just don’t think the local police would accept World Naked Gardening Day as an excuse for running around my back yard naked.   However, if gardening in the buff would keep those darned rabbits out of my garden, I would consider putting a naked scarecrow out there instead.

If you participate in World Naked Gardening Day, please feel free to leave a comment.  No pictures necessary though.

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