Liliana is Legally Liliana

At 9:45 a.m. today, Dave, Lili and I entered a court room and sat before a judge. After answering a few questions, the judge stated that Ana Maria is now legally known as Liliana Maria Weeks. Sometime in the next couple of months, she will receive her Illinois Certificate of Foreign Birth and we can apply for her social security card, new Certificate of Citizenship, and U.S. Passport.

So, for favorite photo Friday, I decided to post some pictures of Liliana Maria Weeks.

**Please note the poses in the photos. She is not an easy target for pictures.**

Now that Lili is able to climb on the furniture by herself, the Kleenex box is an easy target. Here is Lili blowing her nose.

She sees the light come on the camera and immediately lays on the sofa. What a goof!!!

Finally, a decent pose. Of course there always seems to be toys and books on the floor in her photos 🙂

I don’t know if you can see if very well in these pictures, but Lili woke up with a spider bite on her left cheek Wednesday morning. By Thursday it was bigger and it’s still there today. Hopefully it will disappear soon.


  1. Congratulations! What a big step! We really need to do that for both of our kids, especially Joshua. We forget his legal name is not what we call him. 🙂 I love the pictures. Hope the spider bite is better! (Our son is full of mosquito bites that swell up…makes for a lovely face. :)Have a great week!Reba

  2. Congratulations! What an awesome feeling to know that it is legal. We were so releaved when that final legal process was over. Now we are in the process of requesting our son’s original Visa packet be sent to us. Oh when does the paper work end?

  3. What a great day in Weeks world! We just got Julia’s G884 and were so glad we waited so long to get it – it had some more great bio mom pics and a nice narrative, that we knew, but was nice to have anyway.

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