Another Delay

I was so excited when the mail arrived today because we had 2 envelopes from the FBI. Our FBI clearances had arrived. YEAH!!!! I opened the first envelope and there was Dave’s clearance. I opened the second envelope and there was my fingerprint card, along with a blank fingerprint card, a form stating I needed to submit another set of prints and a form stating why they needed another set of prints. Basically, they were unable to read my prints as submitted. So much for my excitement.

What does this mean? At this point it means I have to go get another set of rolled prints and wait another 3-4 weeks for the results of those prints to be returned to me. If they are able to read them this time, our home study can be completed. If they are still unable to read them, I’m not quite sure what it means.

I have to keep telling myself that in the big picture, this is a very little thing, but we just seem to have delay after delay this time and that is a frustration.

Because I like my posts to at least have a happy ending, I will share a funny story with you.

The day after Thanksgiving, Dave decided to hit an after Thanksgiving sale to buy an XBox. Being a Microsoft employee, he could have easily purchased the system through the company store, but one of the local stores had the great deal of free games and a huge mark down on Guitar Hero, with two guitars when you purchased an XBox game system. The XBox was a big hit with everyone during Thanksgiving weekend and continues to be a big hit in our house, especially when Guitar Hero is being played. Lili enjoys watching others play Guitar Hero and will either get Curious George or Elmo and start dancing with them or lately will go get her little Leap Frog guitar and pretend she’s playing along. It’s very cute.
One day, Ben decided he wanted to try out the basketball game that came with the system, but when he opened the game case, it was empty. He checked the skateboarding game case and it was empty too. We know we had the games when we bought the system, because others had played the games, but now they were gone. We looked for the games, but didn’t find them and couldn’t figure out where they had possibly gone. So, a couple days ago I caught Lili pulling CD cases from the t.v. stand and pulling the CDs out. I removed her from the area and started picking up CDs when I noticed some CDs sticking out from under the XBox, which sits on the DVD player. I raised the XBox to find several more CDs and became hopeful that I would also find the missing games. As I pulled the last of the CDs out, I became discouraged again that the games were not there but decided to pull the XBox out further just in case. There, stuffed as far back as possible under the XBox were the missing games. Lili had taken them out of the case and stashed them. Apparently it’s time to find a new place for the CDs and games 🙂
I’ll close my post with some recent pictures of Lili playing Guitar Hero.

Daddy plays a real guitar and when he’s done playing, he will sometimes set the his guitar propped up against the wall. Lili has apparently been watching and wants her guitar to be just like daddy’s guitar. Here is where she put it.
Too cute!!!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about the delays. I know that it can be frustrating. I hope you are able to get a set of prints over there and get them back quickly. I love the X Box story. My husband is a fan of Rockband and Gustavo took the guitar away for himself. Fun times!

  2. I am sorry about the delays. 😦 No fun. I know our children come home at just the time God intends, but it sure doesn’t make it easier when you are waiting. 🙂 Lili cracks me up. I can so see Joshua doing that. He is constantly getting into the DVD’s though we have gotten on to him every single time. He just likes them. :)Reba

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