Favorite Foto Friday Time

I like to try and take some new pictures of Lili for FFF and really wanted to get some good pictures of her today. My sister-in-law found a cute little dress from Guatemala at a thrift store and I put it on her today. She looks so adorable in her little dress that I had to get some pictures. Here are the shots I got 🙂

Lili preparing to turn and run from the camera.

Now, Lili running toward the camera.Lili running past the camera.

Got one. (Please excuse the dishes in the background. We had just finished supper. I’ll get to those in a little while.)

Missed again.

And again. I think she gets pleasure out of me missing good camera shots.

Got one!!!

We’ll call this one a tie. Mommy – 1 Lili – 1.

Got another one.

I’m sure you all noticed the spot around the neck of the dress. Lili was eating watermelon at supper. Need I say more.

Photo shoots at our house are exhausting. I think I’ll clean the kitchen and call it a night!!!!


  1. Cute pictures. I love the dress! How neat is that. Oh, and the dishes…it looks like that all the time around here. We always have a full load in the dw and a full sink of dishes. Maybe I need to eat out more often…

  2. I LOVE the look on her face in the first picture!! To me it says “I can’t believe she has that camera out again!!!!”I get that look from Katie, too…Lisa

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