My Little Girl

While waiting for Lili to come home I bought cute little girl clothes, a couple little dolls, basically a lot of pinks and purples invaded our houseb. Now she’s home and I’ve discovered that she really could care less if she’s wearing a cute little dress or a pair of sweats. Clothes just don’t interest her. In addition to the dolls purchased before she came home, she now has two more dolls in her collection and while she enjoys playing with them from time to time, she also thinks it’s funny when she throws them on the floor and mommy reacts with “Oh, poor baby.” Now, for the last 3 days she’s been carrying around a couple toys that she has seemed to like from the day she came home and yesterday she added another toy to her collection of “favorites.

Oh look, Lili is holding some of her favorite toys.
So, what are those little toys Lili is holding?
Lili, can you lay them on the floor so everyone can see?
Yes folks, my cute little girl is playing with cars and a toy squirt gun. With three boys I think the testosterone hangs in the air. Maybe our Ethiopian princess will be a girly girl, but I’m kind of doubting it at this point 🙂 Good thing mommy likes to play with cars and squirt guns too!!!


  1. Our little Maria (from Guatemala) LOVES cars, trucks, and trains. LOVES. She will play with dolls too but you are much more likely to find her playing with the toy garage. I guess that some are just “bent” that way…

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