Travel Clinic Visit

We decided to get started with our travel shots for our future trip to Ethiopia, so on Tuesday Dave, Lili and I headed to the travel clinic, met with the doctor and receive the first of several immunizations. Since we have several months before travel, doing it this way gives us the opportunity to spread them out instead of getting several at one time.
Before the we met with the doctor, one of the nurses came in to take our vitals. Lili closely observed what she was doing and decided to give mommy the once over. (Photos were taken with daddy’s cell phone, so they aren’t the best quality.)

Pulse is good.Yep, throat looks good.

Mommy is okay for shots today!!!

Of course it was a bit confusing to have the examiner sitting on the examine table, but she is a little bit height challenged right now.

Dave and I received the first of the 3 Hep A/B series and Lili received the first of 2 Hep A series. Lili will need 4 more, I’ll need between 5 & 6 more, and Dave is the big winner needing between 6 & 7 more before travel. Thus the reason we’re starting now!


  1. Who knew that shots could be so much fun? It looks like you have a future doctor or nurse on your hands. (a cute one too)

  2. Great pics – do we see a future doctor there :-)Makes sense about getting all the shots done ahead in time. We're slightly procrastinating AGAIN, lol.mel

  3. Eek…you are brave ! i only got the hep a shot and man o man did that sucker h.u.r.t !! My dh chicken'd out (dont tell him i told you that 🙂 but we were fine anyway. Just be careful what and where you eat or drink . Good luck on the rv…it is fun. although there is a learning curve the first few times… LOL!

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