Updates, Weekend and More

I haven’t posted a Ryan update in a few days. Quite honestly, it was a bit depressing to say “Ryan is still in the hospital.” However, that is all I would have been able to post. As of today, Ryan is still in the hospital, but that should change at some point this afternoon 🙂 He has been seizure free since October 28th. I actually got to talk directly with his neurologist and gave him my unprofessional opinion on the problem. Believe it or not, he agreed and on Friday Ryan started a new seizure med and is coming off the one med that I feel has been causing him more harm than good. Now we’ll have to see what happens over the next several weeks.

Our coffee fundraiser has been moving along slowly but surely. To anyone in blogland who has purchased coffee, t-shirts, travel mugs, etc. through our store front , thank you, thank you, thank you.

We also started a 2nd fundraiser yesterday in hopes that it would appeal to those who aren’t interested in coffee or coffee products. We are now selling raffle tickets for the chance to win an Xbox 360 Elite console. It comes with two games rated E for Everyone and is valued at $300. Tickets are $5 each and for every 5 tickets that someone purchases, their name will be entered in the drawing for a 6th time free. Tickets can be purchased through the mail or via Pay Pal. We will draw the winner on December 11th and the Xbox will be shipped the same day. We will also be video taping the drawing and posting the video here on my blog to announce the winner. This fundraiser is more of a risk, but we hope it is a success. It’s also fun knowing that someone will get an Xbox just in time for Christmas 🙂

Yesterday we attended a Day of the Dead celebration with some other Guatemala adoptive families. It was wonderful meeting several new families and their children. We met at a local pizza place with lots of fun games for the kids. Lili got to experience bowling for the first time. It was a game for young kids and she loved it. I’m not sure the bowling lanes liked her technique though since she wanted to throw the ball over hand. Fortunately, the balls were small and lighter than a normal bowling ball.

Just look at that form!

Watching. Watching. Watching. Boy did it take awhile for her ball to make it to the pins.

Then there was Guitar Hero to play. We didn’t really turn the game on, but every time she would go push one of the buttons the lights would start flashing, so she thought she was playing.

Most importantly, we all had a great time!

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  1. Thanks for inviting me to see your blog! I am getting ready to order your coffee. I'm getting some for me, but I am also going to make a basket and do a big giveaway on my blog about it when it comes in with a link to your fundraisor. We don't take for granted for a second that my husband's company has an incredible adoption assistance program. Otherwise, we'd have never been able to do this. So we want to help other families in any way we can! Can't wait until my coffee comes in!

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