Thanks to my Doggie Babies

Before we decided to adopt Lili, we adopted 2 beautiful Keeshond puppies. At the time, we weren’t expecting to add little people to the family, but having younger nieces around from time to time, it was important that any breed we choose be good with kids. Our doggie babies really are good with Lili. She loves her doggies the way many 2 year old do. She hugs them, pets them, hits them, pulls their tails, etc. and Jada is the one who typically gets the most love from Lili. The reason why is that she’s willing to just take it, where Lexie will run outside or to the other room to avoid getting some of Lili’s love. I would have to say Lexie might be the smarter one of the two when it comes to Lili 🙂 Still, they have handled the changes in their lives pretty well and I’m thankful that they are able to handle Lili’s affection. Little do they know, they’ll be sharing that affection with Naomi one day.

Lexie accepting a little Lili love.

Jada taking a break from a little Lili love.


  1. I often wonder how our pups will do with a little one in the house. They are sweet and gentle but BIG dogs. I assume that the shepherd will end up "herding" Olivia while the lab will sit at her feet waiting for the next treat to fall 🙂 Love pics of kids and pups!

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