Weekend of Firsts

The upcoming weekend will be a weekend of firsts for my family as I make my way to Chicago to join some fellow moms for a weekend away. While this won’t be the first time I’ve ever gone away for the weekend, it has been a long time. So long in fact, it will be the first time I’ve left either of the girls for an entire weekend and only the second time that I’ve left them overnight. (And for those who are wondering just how long that’s been, Lili has been home 5 years  and Naomi 3 years this month).

It will be the first time my hubby has had the girls by himself overnight.  So why not two nights away to really break him in right 🙂

Obviously, it will be the first time the girls have only been with dadddy and away from mommy for the entire weekend.

It will be my first time seeing P!NK in concert.

And if memory serves me right, this will be my first overnight trip to Chicago without my hubby.  I’ve been on Chicago day trips without him, but not overnight.

This is a trip I’ve looked forward to for months and as I prepare to leave tomorrow morning I’m dealing with a tooth that has been causing me quite a bit of pain. A visit to the dentist last week confirmed my fear – I need a root canal. I’ll be taking my pain medication on this trip and hoping the tooth doesn’t give me too many problems while I’m gone. Then Naomi started out the morning throwing up and although she’s been doing fine as the day has progressed, it’s not the best way to prepare for a long-awaited mommy vacation.

Painful tooth and vomiting child aside, I’m going to go have the best weekend of firsts possible and will hopefully return with some fun pictures to share.


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