When we first began our coffee fundraiser we understood that our storefront could remain open for 1 year or until Naomi came home. I contacted Just Love Coffee Roasters to inform them that we will return home from our pick up trip on March 26th and to confirm whether or not our storefront would need to close the day we leave or when we return. Here is the response I received from Jason:

Close your store? Perish the thought!!! Rob is still in the first year of having brought his girls home and has found that there are still expenses that arise as you and your new child adjust to the change. We allow fundraising families to keep their stores open for 12 months after they return home to help off-set the expenses of growing a family! We congratulate you and hope that you will send a picture for us to put on the wall here at the roasterie. I think that it will be inspiring to me as I roast to see the families we have helped unite!

For those of you not familiar with Just Love Coffee Roasters, Rob is the founder and owner. He and his wife adopted two little girls from Ethiopia and came home with an overwhelming desire to do something more. They provide a fundraising program to help adoptive families off-set the cost of adoption and are also raising money to build a school at one of the orphanages in Ethiopia. I really wasn’t expecting this response, but how wonderful that they want to do what they can to assist families with their on-going expenses after returning home.

Our storefront will stay open until the end of October now and I guess I’ll be sending Just Love Coffee Roasters a picture of Naomi with her new family!

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