days until take-off, but probably more important is
days to Naomi. Two weeks from today we’ll be holding and loving on our precious baby girl!!!

Yesterday, Dave got the crib assembled and it is now made up and ready for a cute little body. Strangely enough, Lili was very impressed and thrilled about Naomi’s crib. Too bad she wasn’t as impressed and thrilled about her own crib. LOL!! Which, by-the-way, is identical to Naomi’s except for the stain. Lili’s crib has since been converted to her big girl bed, which fortunately she is thrilled about.

I have started packing and have all of Naomi’s clothes, bottles and formula packed and ready to go. I need to pull the baby toys out of storage and throw a few of them in the bags and then I’ll have all her things packed.

Just in time for our upcoming trip, Lili has made a new friend. Her name is May-May and she’s invisible. At first I thought she was referring to Naomi and questioned her about it, but she has convinced me that May-May is her friend and Naomi is her baby sister. They are absolutely two different beings. She doesn’t know where May-May lives, but May-May is involved in a lot of upcoming activities and daily events. Last night Lili was playing with her Jack-in-the-Box and seemed to suddenly be frightened by Jack popping out of the box. However, she told us that May-May was scared. May-May was going to eat pizza with us last night and was going to take a bath with Lili. May-May is now a part of our lives and I assume she’ll be traveling to Ethiopia with us, but she has to fund her part of the trip šŸ™‚

Dave and I were talking about our hope that the weather is going to finally warm up and hoping that we’ll be able to break our bikes out and start riding them while he’s on Infant Care Leave. We have a really nice double bike trailer the girls will ride in and I am the puller of the trailer. However, my dear husband informed me this morning that he’ll pull May-May. What a guy!!!


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