Cleaning and Organizing

Single digits tomorrow. Woo Hoo!!!

I’m now in official cleaning and organizing mode. I’ve cleaned out some cupboards, washed curtains, dusted window trim, and managed to fill several garbage bags. Sad thing is, my to-do list seems to get longer instead of shorter. I just seem to find something else that I want to get done before we leave.

Yesterday morning Dave and I were laying in bed with Lili right in between us. She thinks it’s great fun to lay in our bed and watch t.v. and really seemed to be enjoying her time with mommy and daddy. At one point she reached out to touch both of us at the same time and said, “My family.” Ahhh, so sweet. I also thought it was a good time to prod a little about how she’s going to react to Naomi laying in bed with us so I asked her where Naomi was going to lay and she told me, “In Naomi’s bed.” When I asked if Naomi could lay next to Lili I was told, “No.” When I asked if Naomi could lay in mommy and daddy’s bed I was told, “No.” Obviously, Naomi will lay in mommy and daddy’s bed, but it appears this is not going to be acceptable to Lili.

Last night Dave and Lili had their first pillow fight. They were using the sofa pillows. What kid doesn’t like a pillow fight?!! And what parent doesn’t laugh when their little one tried to pick up 2 pillows at the same time hit daddy with them and just about fall over backwards because the pillows weight almost as much as the child. It was very entertaining to watch and Lili’s laughter is contagious. What will our lives be like with the laughter of two little girls filling the house?


  1. was just about to say – tomorrow you will be in the single digits – YEAH!!! counting down here with you :-)did you ever decide what airline you will be using (duh, i'm sure you did, lol)? so what are you flying with??

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