Our Days in Ethiopia

Were filled with games of soccer at the guest home, running up and down the hill, shopping, trying out the local cuisine, sight-seeing, spending time with other adoptive families and most of all getting to know Naomi and her getting to know us.

I could certainly write detail on all the things we did, but I think pictures are the better way to go.

One of Lili’s favorite past times at the guest home.
Lili made friends with the maintenance/guard at the guest house. His name is Mao and she called him Mile. He was wonderful with her and kept her entertained when we couldn’t.
And there was basketball to play. Actually, it was just practicing dribbling since there was no hoop, but Lili was kept busy practicing her dribbling skills.
Daddy and Naomi time.
Play time.
Getting both girls, looking the same direction at the same time. Success!
Naomi showing her utter cuteness!
Notice Naomi’s cheek? She has, what we believe is eczema. It was actually looking much better in this photo and looks even better since we’ve been home.

Here is one of only a few pictures we got of Naomi with mommy. That tends to happen when mommy is the primary photographer.
Hope you enjoyed just a glimpse of our time in Ethiopia.


  1. I love all of the pictures. Both girls are so beautiful. You need more "Mommy and me" pics. I have learned sometimes you just have to hand over the camera and say the obvious, "Take our picture." Looks like such a fun time.

  2. ahhh, looks like you had a wonderful time. never before realized naomis HUGE and LONG eyelashes, makes her even more pretty then she already is.looking at all your pics give me the travel bug…..ET is "only" 6 hours from here, sigh.

  3. What a cutie!!! Such adorable girls… Your family is gorgeous.Congratulations!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about your in country experience…lots of "doings" in ET and it is nice to have your perspective.

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