We did our best to prepare Lili for the arrival of her baby sister but truly had no idea how easy or difficult it was going to be once Naomi became reality in our lives. While there have been some challenges, primarily jealousy in the form of wanting Naomi to move from mommy’s lap to daddy’s lap or taking toys away from her, it hasn’t been as bad as I had envisioned. Lili absolutely loves her little sister. When I’m rocking Naomi to sleep, Lili will come over and ever so gently give her kisses. She regularly tells us “Mayo-me is so cute.” She wants to help feed her and now wants to take baths with her. In the mornings or after nap time she’ll run up to Naomi and say, “Hi little girl.” She gives her tickles and smothers her with attention.

Naomi is all about Lili. When she hears Lili’s voice she immediately turns her head to find her. Lili makes her laugh and smile like no one else. Naomi wasn’t overly fond of her bath, but now finds bath time a lot of fun with Lili there.

The bond between them is growing stronger each day and I’m so very happy that both girls are adjusting well to the changes in their lives.

Mommy’s little helper. Bath time fun.
Yes, they are both sitting in the baby bath tub together. LOL!!!


  1. How very sweet! I remember so well worrying about all of our kids' adjustments, but especially Maria's to Joshua since she hadn't been home much more than a year. It was all fairly smooth. They like to keep us guessing. I have a feeling your girls will be lifelong friends!

  2. So beautiful Deb!! I love hearing how things are going! Awesome pics – esp. where they are both in the tiny tub !! Sweet days!

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