Photos from Le Toukoul

Naomi’s home for about 4 months. We weren’t able to tour the entire building because they were cleaning the day we were there. I was able to visit the nurse and her office/exam room was in the back of the building. There are several other rooms that house the babies, although I’m not sure how many. The window on the left hand side is the room Naomi was in. And here is the crib she slept in.
What a beautiful sight to see that crib empty 🙂 Obviously it didn’t stay empty for long. I’m quite certain there is another baby occupying it now and hopefully that baby has been referred to a waiting family by now.

Just a small portion of laundry we saw hanging out to dry.
The orphanage cat. Lili was in heaven petting the cat.
This building houses the older kids.
The Toukoul gift shop. It’s very small, but had a nice selection of items and we brought home several of those items.
Because we couldn’t have a tour of the orphanage we got a limited number of photos. Also, they were doing some landscaping work while we were there. I did take a couple photos of the grounds and wished I could have gotten more.
Some of the kids at the orphanage.


  1. Oliver was in the multi-story building. They have young infants in there too. We would park each day in front of the building naomi was in and the young children (toddlers) would look out the doorway at us. Great photos.

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