What An Exciting Day

For obvious reasons I was thrilled when we received word that our adoptions were final.  Lili’s adoption took place in Guatemala and the day I was informed that we were out of PGN I called my husband sobbing happy tears.  Guatemala adoptions had ended a couple of months earlier and there was a big fear by many (me included) that cases would get stuck in the system.  We were fortunate, but hundreds of other cases did get stuck and it’s estimated that somewhere between 200 and 400 families are still waiting.  That was until today when the number went down to somewhere between 199 and 399.  Finally, after over 3 years of waiting, my friend Yesenia announced that they got their PGN out!!!!  When I found out I turned into an emotional blob jumping around my kitchen and crying.  You would have thought I had just found out my own adoption was final.  Yesenia and her husband used the same agency we used for Lili’s adoption and we met on-line shortly after they received their referral.  For the past 3 years I have been cheering for this family and wanting so much for them to bring their little girl home.  Like so many other families, they have been on an emotional roller coaster ride that at times felt like it would  never end.  Their ride lasted for over 3 years.  So after multiple trips to Guatemala visiting their daughter and trying to get things moving forward, their wait is coming to an end.  I, for one, am so very happy for them and while they still have to wait a little longer to get the final paperwork completed, they can truly see light at the end of a very long tunnel.  2011 is certainly going to be a great year for them!!!!

Congratulations to Familia Giancola!!!!!

3 thoughts on “What An Exciting Day

  1. Wonderful news! I have watched a few adoptions finish up in the past year (that started when we did with Joshua). You cannot help but feel overcome with emotion.

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