Barbies and Puzzles Oh My

February 22nd

While fixing dinner I glanced in the dining room to see Barbie just sitting there by herself smiling. While raising our boys I never dreamed I'd see a Barbie doll staring up at me. I found it humorous and had to take a picture.

February 23rd

Lili loves jigsaw puzzles and is quite good at them. This is a 24 piece puzzle she finished in about 3 minutes. After completing it she said, "Mom, take a picture." Now, I just need to work on picture-taking without flash reflection.

February 24th

No photo again.  The problem now is that I’m just completely forgetting to take pictures some days.  I want to continue challenging myself to take pictures daily and work on my photography skills, but it’s obvious that I’ve failed miserably at Project 365.  I just need to find a new name for my own personal photo project and keep snapping away.  Any suggestions?

One thought on “Barbies and Puzzles Oh My

  1. Love the pictures. I think you should keep the name…It sounds cool. Even if you don’t take pictures with an actual camera, I am betting you are more aware and taking those snapshots that will stay in your heart forever. 🙂

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