The Funny Things She Does and Says

It’s pretty rare for me to go a week without blogging, but at least I’m still on track for my 1 post per week for a year goal.

My blog has not only been a great way to keep friends and family up-to-date on our life, but to also keep track of milestones and the little things we just don’t want to forget.  So this post is all about the funny things Lili has done or said recently.

We live in a town called Minier (pronounced My-near).  Lili regularly calls it “Mommy’s Near.”   I know a lot of kids who think Minier is mommy or daddy’s near, but it’s still cute hearing it come out of my daughter’s mouth.  And how many mom’s do you know who have their own near?

Lili has also developed a good imagination.  For several months now, she has talked about Boy Boy.  Boy Boy never comes to our house, he’s either at his house or at work.  I’m also told that Boy Boy and Lili work at the same place in Bloomington.  When asked where she works the description is a cross between a bank and a post office.  She also tells me that she makes $40 which at first I thought was really bad pay.  Then I discovered that she makes $40 for working 2 hours.  Not too bad for a 3-year-old.  And Boy Boy is also funny because she regularly tells me stories about the funny things he does or says and she starts laughing at the humor of the story.

Lili’s pronunciation of words has definitely improved, but there are still a few she doesn’t pronounce quite right.  Two of the more popular ones is pretzel which she pronounces as pencil and fast forward is fast-a-folder.

My time is limited this afternoon and I want to make sure I get this posted, so I’ll end it here.  I’m sure there will be many more ‘funny things she does and says’ in the future and Naomi will likely have her own post dedicated to this subject in the not too distant future.

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