49 Shopping Days

That’s 49 shopping days until Christmas.

I have never been one to get my shopping done early, but not knowing for sure when we will travel to Uganda, I’m feeling some pressure to get it started and finished sooner rather than later.  Problem is, I’m at a loss.  I’m trying to focus on getting things that they can easily take to Uganda with them and since there is still a possibility that we could actually spend Christmas in Uganda, I would need to pack gifts for Christmas morning there.  However, even if Christmas in Uganda doesn’t happen, I expect it won’t be too long thereafter.  What child wants to get Christmas gifts that they have to leave behind for an undetermined period of time?

So tell me, what’s on your holiday shopping list this year?


  1. I just ordered 2 Ipod Touch’s for the boys. They can be loaded with tons of games and music! Walmart has a special bundle pack right now – comes with charges and earphones, etc. Might be a neat gift for Lili during the travels!!!!

    • Good idea Debby, but we already have a slate that will be loaded up with games, music and movies for the trip. Maybe that’s the problem though, all the things I think of are electronic and we have other devices that will do what devices like the IPod Touch will do.

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