Caterpillar Update *Updated*

*Not sure what happened, but most of my post did not post.  Hopefully it will work this time.*

For those who missed my post about our caterpillars, you can read it here.

For those who did read the post about our caterpillars, I’m quite sure you have been anxiously waiting to read an update 🙂

On May 11th all 5 caterpillars crawled to the top of their jar home, attached themselves to the top and began the process of turning from caterpillars to chrysalids.



Within two days we no longer had caterpillars.  Instead, we had 5 little chrysalids.

I moved them to their new home.

And sometime in the next 1-4 days, we hope to have beautiful butterflies.


Stay tuned for more exciting news from the World of Weeks 🙂


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